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We Have SOPROLIFE at Delicate Dental… and It’s Amazing!


My patients have probably come across SOPROLIFE before in one of our dental check ups, but it’s time to explain why I use it and why it’s vastly superior to other methods of cavity detection.

Traditionally, your dentist would use an X-ray machine to take images of teeth and look for tooth decay. The problem is, X-rays aren’t the most conclusive method of detection, which means it requires subjective interpretation. As a patient, you have to take the dentist’s word for it.


With SOPROLIFE – a wand-shaped intra-oral camera – its auto fluorescent light easily illuminates the inside of the mouth and snaps images in dimensions of just millimeters.

It’s more accurate for me as the dentist, and it’s also much more obvious to patients what their cavities are looking like. I can show you images of your teeth with SOPROLIFE that clearly show decay.

Next time you come in, watch for SOPROLIFE. It’ll be clear why I’m such a fan, and why you should be too!

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Making your teeth a work of art!

~Dr. Nancy Nguyen

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