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Our team serves families from all over San Diego County with dental care that has true value. We will cater to your comfort and personalize treatment so you enjoy visiting the dentist!
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We Are Professionals Dedicated to Your Comfort.

“I believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy mouth, smile with confidence, and be pain-free. I know that many people have had bad experiences with their dental treatment, so I want to be able to give them a better experience.” —Dr. Nancy Nguyen

The Delicate Dental Arts team will give you a sensational, healthy smile—and a reason to show it off.

Because your time is invaluable and irreplaceable, Dr. Nguyen-Kyger will reserve an appointment solely for you. She will take the time to talk with you about your expectations, past experiences, and current problems. We promise that the time you spend with us will be enjoyable and productive.

Compassion and Quality in Affordable Dental Care

“Dental treatment does not have to hurt or be rough. We use the latest advances (in technology) to make (sure) you are comfortable… I also believe in helping as much as I can with finances… We want to help as many people as possible to have a happy and healthy life.”—Dr. Nancy Nguyen

Our clinic uses the latest advances in technology to make your dental experience comfortable. We use numbing gels, massaging wands, and—on the patient’s request—safe sedation techniques to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Patients without health insurance or with a preference for monthly payments will also find options with our variable financial plans. DDA has Compassionate Finance™ and other offers to give patients affordable options.

A Dentist and an assistant nurse examine a woman's teeth.

What We Do For Our Patients

Comprehensive, Long-Lasting Care

“My philosophy for dental health is prevention. If there is anything we can do to prevent you from getting caries, gum disease, or losing your teeth, that would be my preference. The more we can conserve your natural teeth, the better!” —Dr. Nancy Nguyen

Research has shown:

  • The links between oral bacteria and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Bacteria in the mouth travels to the heart
  • Gum disease increases clogged arteries

That’s why we take a comprehensive look at your medical history, and use materials that won’t interfere with your natural bodily processes. We take the extra mile because we understand that your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body.

Natural, Compatible, & Safe for Patients

At Delicate Dental Arts, we only use biocompatible materials that will last, as well as function naturally with you and your body. Dr. Nguyen-Kyger also takes the time to perform biomimetic techniques for her patients.

Biomimetic dentistry will make your teeth feel stronger, as well as decrease the chance of sensitivity. This then decreases the likelihood of needing any root canals in the future, saving you time and money.

State-of-the-Art, Eco-Friendly Facilities

“I believe that we are all responsible for the environment. We built this office to be eco-friendly and try to not be wasteful.”—Dr. Nancy Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen-Kyger constantly updates her clinic with the newest technology for diagnostics and patient education. She and her staff also produce their crowns in-house, to tailor fit each cap to each patient. These extra steps allow them to improve their patient’s quality of life through modern, eco-friendly methods and tech.

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