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Improve your oral health and quality of life with quality tooth replacement here at Delicate Dental Arts.

Missing teeth make life more challenging in many ways. A study shows that nearly 70% of adults have lost at least one tooth, and over 50 million Americans have lost all their teeth. An incomplete set of teeth can give you trouble enjoying your favorite food, negatively affecting your health and nutrition. It can also make you feel insecure about your smile and look, which can significantly impact your social life and daily routine.

The days of stressing over missing teeth are over, as you now have the option to replace them. At Delicate Dental Arts, we want to help you restore your bright smile and improve your quality of life through our proven-reliable tooth replacement procedures. We have a wide array of tooth replacement options for you, depending on your lifestyle, goals, budget, and oral health condition.

Our Tooth Replacement Procedures

Delicate Dental Arts has come a long way in our tooth replacement technology. Flexible partials, such as Valplast® and other modern dental materials, have improved the comfort and fit of dental prosthetics. Here are other replacement teeth options we offer:

2. Dental Bridges

Unlike dentures, bridges are fixed in place. Using crowns that have been bonded to the adjacent teeth, a special type of crown, known as a pontic, is suspended in place to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth.

Bridges will effectively complete your smile and prevent other teeth from shifting position. Dr. Nguyen will also carefully design your bridge so that it blends in well with your existing dentistry and looks natural.

While traditional dentures, partials, and bridges have long been the standard for teeth replacement, modern, high-tech dental implants present a more lifelike and lasting alternative.

Implants are versatile, and we can use individual implants and crowns to replace one or more missing teeth, or we can strategically place implants to replace multiple teeth using a prosthetic like a bridge or even a partial or complete denture.

Benefits of Tooth Replacement

There are many different reasons why replacing missing teeth is important. It is more than just enhancing your overall look. Here are some of the key benefits of tooth replacement:

1. It improves oral health.

Every tooth in your mouth supports the other teeth around it. When a tooth decays and gets removed, the other teeth will have nothing to lean on and tilt or move toward the open space.

This often results in crooked teeth that are harder to clean and can eventually cause hard-to-reach tartar buildup. Replacement options like dentures or implants can help the other teeth stay in their original positions.

2. It boosts confidence.

A missing tooth can negatively affect your confidence and hold you back from speaking and smiling. You don’t have to worry about an incomplete dentition with the tooth replacement options available nowadays.

3. It restores natural bite.

Some tooth replacement options, such as dental implants, are anchored in your jaw using a titanium post to replace the tooth root. This means that you can still bite the same way you could with your natural teeth.

4. It retains natural speech.

Missing teeth can affect your speech and your ability to pronounce words correctly. Since tooth replacement functions and feels like natural teeth, it will help you communicate easily and naturally.

5. It offers a long-term and sustainable solution.

While replacement and artificial teeth still need regular cleaning to prevent bacteria buildup and infection, the materials they are made of aren’t susceptible to decay. You won’t have to worry about getting cavities.

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