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Experience more comfortable dental procedures at Delicate Dental Arts. We utilize laser dentistry to treat various dental conditions.

When it comes to your dental health, it’s essential that you look for a clinic that values innovation and technology for its patient’s convenience. At Delicate Dental Arts, we care about giving every patient the best dental treatment by investing in advanced training and technology.

We utilize laser dentistry to treat a number of dental conditions. Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive option for cavity treatment, gum surgery, teeth whitening, or treatment of other dental issues. It has been shown to heal better and be less traumatic than traditional dentistry.

Our Laser Treatments

At Delicate Dental Arts, we utilize laser dentistry for a variety of procedures involving hard tissue, which refers to the teeth, and soft tissue, which refers to the gums.

Hard Tissue Procedures

1. Teeth Whitening

By detecting tooth decay, lasers can catch cavities early on. This, in turn, can prevent costly dental restorations in the future.

2. Tooth Preparations and Dental Fillings

Laser treatments don’t usually require traditional drills and local anesthesia. Also, lasers can already kill bacteria in cavities.

3. Tooth Sensitivity Treatment

Sensitivity to hot and cold can also be treated using laser dentistry. These devices can seal tubules on rotten areas of the teeth.

Soft Tissue Procedures

1. Crown Lengthening

Lasers can reshape gum bone and tissue to promote healthier tooth structure, which then helps with the placement of tooth restorations.

2. "Gummy Smile" Treatment

Our expert team also uses lasers to treat excessive gingival display, a condition where too much gum tissue shows above the top of the teeth.

3. Tongue Frenulum Attachment Treatment

Patients with short, tight, or thick frenulum may benefit from a procedure called laser frenectomy, which is used for the excision of a frenulum.

4. Soft Tissue Fold Removal

Soft tissue folds caused by ill-fitting dentures can be removed using lasers. The treatment comes with no pain and doesn’t require sutures.

What Laser Dentistry Can Treat

Aside from the ones already mentioned above, there are also other conditions that may benefit from laser dentistry. They include the following:

  • Canker Sore and Cold Sore
  • Root Canal Infections
  • Gum Disease and Implants
  • Gum Inflammation
  • TMJ Disorders
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Biopsies
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Damaged Nerves
  • Benign Oral Tumor

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Here are the benefits you can get from laser dentistry:

1. It's a minimally invasive procedure.

Laser dentistry promotes minimally invasive procedures and removes the need for dental drills. It also doesn’t require the use of anesthesia, as lasers function without continuous vibration, heat, or pressure.

2. It reduces the risk of bleeding and infection.

High-energy beams from lasers cause blood coagulation to reduce blood loss. Additionally, laser beams sterilize the affected area, so there’s a lower risk of infections or complications.

3. It promotes a speedy recovery.

Since lasers operate with exceptional precision, they only target the affected area. They promote a speedy recovery, unlike traditional methods that usually cause damage to surrounding tissues.

4. It's optimizable for patients.

Dentists can adjust the laser beam’s power level and wavelength depending on the required dental treatment. This, in turn, provides optimal control over the dental procedure and serves the patient’s needs.

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