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3 Reasons You Might Need Your Teeth Whitened

Tooth whitening is one of the most commonly requested dental procedures. It is no secret that almost everyone would like their teeth to be bright white, as this is generally considered a sign of health and beauty. This is not to imply, of course, that teeth that are not bright, glowing white are not healthy. Healthy teeth can have many distinct colors and shades. Still, today, popular opinion seems to be “the whiter the better.” If tooth whitening is something that has never crossed your mind, these 3 reasons may be worth considering with the help of your dentist in Carlsbad, Dr. Nguyen.


Your Teeth Aren’t as White As They Used To Be

Ok, this one is obvious. But it is true that almost everyone’s teeth tend to yellow or darken over time. Young adults might benefit most from whitening. If you are in your 30’s or 40’s, you may not have paid much attention to your teeth as you’ve gotten older. But if you can see a noticeable difference in the shade of your teeth, it may be time for whitening. Keep in mind coffee, tea, or tobacco may not always be to blame. Your teeth may simply be aging and in need of a touch-up.


Cleanings Don’t Get the Job Done

Most tooth stains, such as coffee, tea, and tobacco, can be removed during a routine dental cleaning. But if your teeth still aren’t as white as you’d like following your cleaning, whitening may be the next step. A dental cleaning consists of removing surface stains from teeth. In contrast, most dental whitening procedures penetrate the tooth and whiten from within. If your teeth are still dark or yellow after being cleaned, the problem is clearly within the tooth itself.


Single and Ready to Mingle?

Perhaps it sounds vain, but if you are single and looking for a new romantic interest, teeth whitening might boost your chances of success. As vain as it may sound, a person’s smile is usually one of the first things people notice about each other—so why leave the first impression to chance? What’s more, with whiter teeth you will feel more confident and smile more often—something attractive to everyone.


Whitening your teeth can change your life in several ways. But perhaps most important is the confidence and self-esteem boost that comes from having a smile you can be proud of. If your teeth just aren’t what you’d like them to be, talk to your dentist in Carlsbad about whitening options that may be right for you. You can reach out office at (760) 454-1422.

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