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Do You Want Optional Diabetes Screening at the Dentist?

For a while now, I’ve been mulling around the idea of offering diabetes screenings here at Delicate Dental Arts. If you’re wondering why, I’ll explain.

new study has found that only slightly more than half of adults over 45 years old were screened for diabetes in the last three years! That means a large percentage of adults could be missing this important information about their overall health and the chance to take action early.

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Why the Dentist?

If you’re now wondering why a dentist is talking about diabetes screening, here’s why: Type 2 Diabetes is a systemic condition that affects a lot of different areas of the body, and oral health is one of them. Diabetes reduces your body’s resistance to infection, which includes gingivitis and gum disease.

Along with that, blood sugar levels could create more oral health problems for diabetics. This all means it’s beneficial to get screened periodically. Since many people are more reliable about going to the dentist for regular check-ups than their family physician, we thought it might help if we could give patients diabetes screenings.

Diabetes Screenings

We want to offer diabetes screenings at Delicate Dental Arts as a convenience to our patients, and to make sure they do get them on a regular basis.

If we do end up implementing diabetes screenings, they would be a separate service added on to your regular check-up. You shouldn’t need more than five or ten minutes for a screening.

So, I ask all of you: Would you be in favor of diabetes screening here at Delicate Dental Arts? Let me know!

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~Dr. Nancy Nguyen

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