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3 Things Keeping You from Your Dentist

Going to the dentist is, without question, one of the least desirable things to do for most people. Nearly one-third of Americans do not receive any dental care at all. The reasons may be different, but the consequence is the same: not getting regular dental care can result in serious health issues that extend beyond the mouth. Most of these issues can be detected very early and treated simply and without pain with the help of your Carlsbad dentist. Let’s talk about some of the common reasons people avoid dental care and how to overcome these obstacles.

Dental Fear
Dental phobia is the most obvious culprit, as many people are simply afraid of visiting the dentist. For some, the fear is strong enough that they never go to the dentist, not even for a simple cleaning. Dental fears are borne of many different sources, but they almost always point back to a bad dental experience in a person’s past. Getting around this one instance requires understanding that most dental procedures in today’s world are relatively non-invasive and virtually pain-free.

Dental phobia is also alleviated once you find a Carlsbad dentist whom you feel comfortable with. That being the case, don’t be afraid to shop around until you find a dentist who makes you feel at ease.

There’s no question that dental care can come at a cost that is unrealistic for some people. The reality is that small investments can reap huge rewards. Neglecting to get x-rays, for example, can leave cavities undetected until they become painful toothaches, or worse, require a root canal. Having the x-rays taken routinely would have alerted the dentist to the cavity when it was small, resulting in a less expensive and much easier treatment.

When it comes to dentistry, it is important to look at the value of treatments, rather than focus on the cost alone.

Fear of Judgment
Some people don’t visit the dentist for no other reason than embarrassment or fear of being ridiculed. No one who is seeking health care of any kind should ever feel embarrassed about his or her current state of health. If you have experienced this before, it is simply time to find a new dentist. There are plenty of caring and compassionate oral health care professionals who want to help you achieve your best smile.

Modern dentistry is a very comfortable and easy experience. Most importantly, preventive measures are better than ever, giving you plenty of reason to do your best to overcome the obstacles keeping you from your Carlsbad dentist’s office. Give Dr. Nguyen a call today at (760) 454-1422 to schedule your appointment and battle your fear of dentistry!

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