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Four Things To Know About Invisalign Before You Start

Invisalign in Carlsbad has become a very popular and well-known treatment for achieving straighter teeth without the need of wearing braces. For many people, this has made the dream of a more attractive smile a reality, allowing them to achieve straighter and healthier teeth relatively quickly and discreetly since the aligners are essentially undetectable while being worn. The list of benefits to Invisalign goes on and on: less potential damage to the teeth, it’s easier to keep the teeth clean while using Invisalign, and of course, the aligners are easily and conveniently removable.

Before you jump into Invisalign treatment, there are some important things that your Carlsbad dentist wants patients to know about the treatment itself and how it works. Here are four points to consider:

Not Everyone is a Good Candidate for Invisalign

Clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign is designed for correcting mild to moderate malocclusions, or improper positioning of the teeth. Patients with small spaces or gaps between their teeth or those with slight crowding of the teeth are best suited for Invisalign. Furthermore, teeth toward the front of the mouth tend to respond much better and more quickly to treatment than teeth in the back of the mouth. Patients with severe crowding, or moderately to severely crooked back teeth—such as molars—are probably better suited for traditional braces.

Aligners Must be Worn (Almost) All the Time

In order for clear aligners to do their job correctly and in the desired amount of time, they must be worn essentially at all times. In fact, the only time aligners should be removed is when you are eating or brushing your teeth. Yes, they must be worn even in your sleep. Clearly, Invisalign requires a high degree of patient motivation and compliance. By not wearing the aligners as prescribed you can significantly lengthen the amount of time it will take to straighten your smile.

Some Alteration of the Teeth May Be Necessary

Some people are under the incorrect impression that the aligners simply do all the work in straightening teeth. In fact, there are sometimes other measures that must be incorporated into the treatment for optimal success. Some patients will need “engagers” placed on their teeth. Engagers are small bumps of tooth-colored filling material that give the aligner something to “grab onto,” so to speak. Engagers are usually necessary for extruding teeth. Engagers, however, are merely a temporary measure. Similarly, some teeth may have to be shaved down very slightly to allow movement. Teeth that are crowded or overlap one another may need ‘interproximal reduction” to allow them to shift. This reduction is minute and not noticeable.

You Will Most Likely Need to Wear a Retainer

Once treatment is complete, you will most likely need to wear a retainer each night, indefinitely, in order to keep the teeth from shifting out of their new alignment.

Invisalign in Carlsbad is a wonderful treatment option for patients who want straighter teeth without the hassle of braces. By knowing all that goes into Invisalign treatment beforehand, you can be well-prepared for the process itself, leading to a better outcome in the desired time frame.

If you still have questions about this cosmetic and orthodontic treatment, we urge you to call Dr. Nguyen at (760) 944-7911 and schedule a consultation with our office today!

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